Copywriting services

Copywriting has power.

The power to boost your online presence and to create a strong brand identity. And when these two forces combine, the result is a rise in customers, followers and sales. You want your readers to feel compelled to buy your products, share your content and, ultimately, become your loyal followers.

I offer a variety of writing services to suit all kinds of projects, including yours.

My freelance copywriting services include:

  • blogging
  • creative copywriting articles
  • informative content writing
  • SEO copywriting to boost search rankings
  • persuasive sales writing
  • product descriptions
  • e-newsletters
  • social media posts

Your unique requirements will depend on your aims.

Do you want to inform and advise?

Do you want to inspire your audience and take them on a journey?

Or do you simply want to communicate the benefits of your brand, service or product in a clear and accessible way?

Copywriting has many different approaches. And all of them can help your message jump out at the very people you want to reach. It’s just a matter of employing the right technique, in the right place, for the right audience.

freelance copywriting services

If you’re unsure which freelance copywriting services you need, just get in touch today and we can figure it out together. Some projects will require a combination of a few different approaches.

You might want a one-off content overhaul or a steady weekly stream of engaging blog posts to keep your content fresh.

You might even just want me to cast my professional copywriter eye over your existing content to make sure it’s doing the job. Some simple editing and SEO performance-boosting can make all the difference to your site traffic.

Your finished copy will be:

  • targeted to your specific audience
  • easy and compelling to read
  • optimised for search engines
  • free from spelling mistakes and clunky grammar
  • consistent with your brand’s style and tone
  • on time, every time
  • worth the investment

Hire me as your copywriter and I’ll make sure your words have all the power they need. I’m also friendly, calm and quick to reply to your queries. We might even have fun…