What can a blog do for you?

There’s no escaping it, blogs are big. Maybe you have a favourite food blog you head to for new recipe ideas. You might be an avid follower of a high-profile blogger or even have given blogging a whirl yourself. On the other hand, you might not have the first clue what a blog is – don’t worry, you’re not alone! A blog (short for weblog) is basically a way of sharing your story with the world.

For me, I set up my first blog for fun and to share my adventures in a campervan with the people who’d helped buy it – my wedding guests! I didn’t imagine it would set in motion a whole new career. Blogging helped reignite my love of writing and (almost) get me over that fear of sharing what I write with anyone other than my notebook.

I now write regular blog posts for several businesses, covering everything from hiking to hair extensions. Creating a blog for your business is a great way of boosting your profile. And while that can definitely mean bumping you up those all-important Google rankings, it also has some other important purposes.

Share your successes

Forged an exciting new collaboration? Won an  award? Finished a fantastic project? Launched a new product? Whatever it is that you’re proud of, your readers will want to hear about. I know, it feels very un-British but you’re doing a good job and the more you share it, the more your customers, and potential customers, will trust your ability to do more good work. So go on, toot your own horn a bit!

share your wisdom

You know your stuff. You wouldn’t be doing what you do if you didn’t. Blogs are a great way of establishing yourself as a voice of authority in your area of expertise. You can pass on useful tips, share new developments in your field, or write a ‘how to’ guide. Rather than seeing it as giving away your hard-learned knowledge for free, think of it as building your brand and helping potential customers trust that you know your onions – or whatever your line of business might be! Whatever it is that you do, sharing some of your knowledge helps your readers and helps you too. I love a win-win.

share your story

People want to work with other humans, not machines or blank-faced robots. Letting others into the secrets of what happens behind the scenes can bring a much-needed personal touch to your business. Let your readers get to know the informal side of your team, write about why you love what you do and how you got there, give people a taste of a day in your life. You can even write about things that you struggle with and how you overcome them, it’s about being human after all. The main thing is to get sharing.

If you’d like me to blog for your business, just get in touch!

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